We have several tried and tested off the shelf games that we can run for you as part of a larger training event, or as standalone team-building activities.



If you need your team to think outside the box, this game is the business. A series of mini missions and challenges combine with traditional puzzle-solving to get your team inventing and innovating in a fun race to the finish.

120 minutes

Ice-breakers & team-building

Get brains buzzing in just 30 minutes. Consider an Original Brain Box Challenge to kickstart your event and get everyone wide awake and raring to go for the training you have planned. Bespoke or off-the-shelf available.

30 minutes


The choices presented in this game get players thinking about what really matters; juxtaposing profit, people, and planet in a fun game of consequences. Lots of challenges, code-cracking and puzzle-solving along the way and a fun race to the finish!

60 or 90 minutes.


Team-work is the name of the game for this series of challenges that will test all your senses as the teams race to solve puzzles, make group decisions, and beat the clock.

60 or 90 minutes.

Police Procedurals

Everyone loves playing detective! We have worked with the emergency services and forensic scientists to create a series of mysteries that take place escape room style when a room you designate becomes the “Ops Room”. Work with wonder walls, witness statements, interview tapes and evidence lockers to solve the puzzles and crack the case. Teams of 4-8 at a time can play to see who can be the fastest and be awarded the ultimate accolade – a promotion to Detective Inspector!

60 minutes.

Digital Denizens

A fun way to introduce new technologies, apps and social media, we have a variety of stories that play out over different media, turning technology training into a quest to uncover the truth! These alternate reality games are always bespoke, and can take place in real-time over days or weeks as players piece together the mystery, the story unfolds, and the skills to use the technology platforms are learnt along the way.

Best played over several days.


We can create bespoke games around any subject. Talk to us about your training event, and we will devise a game to suit your objectives, location and budget.

Any length.