Time Games creates games and experiences for training, team-building, assessment, and just for fun.

We create escape games and puzzle-hunts for any number of players split into teams of 4-8 players who collaborate to complete challenges and puzzles, trying to finish in the fastest time.

From traditional escape the room scenarios for small groups, to massive multiplayer ranging games played on mobile devices that can last a day or more, Time Games can provide public experiences or team-building activities to meet your needs, and suit your venue, theme and objectives.

We specialise in team games for learning, creating puzzles with purpose that quickly build rapport and cameraderie and provide shared experiences to bring people together.

What is an escape room?

  • Teams are locked in a themed room for usually 60 minutes.
  • There are lots of props, puzzles, clues and set dressing, brought together in a story-line that the players complete.
  • Players have to use logic, skill, communication and teamwork to figure out how to escape.
  • Teams compete to be fastest and need the least hints.

Time Games combine room escape games with scavenger hunts to bring you an alternate reality game where the goal is to complete a mission against the clock. We use elements of live role-playing and armchair treasure hunts to provide total immersion scenarios for co-operative and competitive play.

Time Games – bring your venue or event to life

If you want to add an extra dimension for your customers, Time Games can enable you to offer experiential learning, education, team-building, or just-for-fun experiences.

Our games can be supplemented with technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, near field communications and ibeacons, all using the players own mobile devices or supplied by us depending on need.

We write scenarios and puzzles to suit your audience and requirements, around a cohesive narrative rationale. They can be built assuming no knowledge, or to explore or test knowledge, or with an “Ask Google” element for games that develop online research skills.

To find out how Time Games can help you create amazing experiences contact Liz on 07985514331 or liz@timegames.co.uk.